Bad news for iPhone users: Tweeting will be expensive

If you frequently use the social media network Twitter and have an Apple iPhone, then you must read this news. There is a change in the price of blue subscription from the Twitter company. In such a situation, those who use Twitter on Apple iPhones may get a big shock. How much will you be charged for using it is still a matter of debate?

Twitter blue subscription hike

According to a report, the company is going to revise the cost of its Twitter Blue subscription. Twitter Blue can cost quite a bit more on iPhones than on other devices. If you use its web version then you have to pay less. The reason for this is said to be the meeting between Twitter CEO Elon Musk and Apple CEO Tim Cook. Blue subscription price may go up for Apple customers. Following the uproar over Apple’s 30% fee for software developers, Twitter has taken this step. How was the meeting between Tim Cook and Elon Musk? Officially nothing can be said about this.

According to media sources, Apple iPhone users may have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $11 for Twitter Blue. At present, a fee of $7.99 has been fixed for the Blue Tick service. If you use an Apple iPhone and want the Twitter Blue service, you may have to pay an additional $11.

Blue Tick subscriptions are more expensive for Apple users, but if you buy a subscription through the website, you’ll only be charged $7 instead of $7.99. Perhaps. This means that using Blue Tick on the laptop web version will cost less.

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