Misbehaving by fans: Comedian Lisa Gilroy revealed in a tearful video

A comedian named Lisa Gilroy, a Canadian-born actress, comedian, and television presenter, has been trending on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram like no other comedian in the previous 24 hours.

Lisa Gilroy

You’d think that in this day and age, thanks to social media, fans would value connecting with celebrities more than ever. But, as comedian Lisa Gilroy revealed in a tearful video that went viral on Oct. 18.

Actor tweeted, “To my followers: do better,” along with a more than two-minute video explaining what happened when she invited five fans to meet her on set. Lisa shares the tale of her open competition where followers may enter to win a day on the set with her. The behaviour of the five contest winners was enough to make the actress and comedian cry.

Gilroy immediately displays her distress by rubbing her eyes. She starts off by saying, “I simply wanted to tell about what occurred last week,” How she invited five of her Twitter followers to visit the set of a project she was working on by opening up her DMs to her followers.

It should have been a good time for all of us, but I made the great error of expecting these people would treat me, the studio, and the workers there with respect, and I was so wrong. It went so terribly, which is embarrassing.

The video went viral and is currently being retweeted by thousands of blue checkmarks. “This is amazing,” said Jenna Fischer, to which Lisa replied, “Thanks Jenna.” I’m not sure how many times this has happened to you.” Patton Oswalt retweeted the post with the simple caption, “this is heartbreaking,”.

What actually happened?

  • A visitor drank from a “chocolate river” that was supposed to be off-limits.
  • Despite a no-guests policy, someone brought his grandfather, who then drank a soda that caused them to float to the ceiling.
  • A girl was transformed into a blueberry.
  • The squirrel room was destroyed by someone.
  • A man shrunk himself to “TV size.”

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